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Baby Care Basics Class

Welcome to the Baby Care Basics series, an indispensable guide for new and expecting parents, expertly crafted by Dr. Cynthia, Founder of Sleep & Cradle®. This video class is your comprehensive resource in the early and often overwhelming stages of parenthood, offering insights, techniques, and confidence to care for your newborn with love and competence.

Our series meticulously covers six vital topics:

  1. Basic Infant Care: Explore the foundational aspects of newborn care, from feeding and sleeping patterns to daily wellness, ensuring your baby's health and happiness.
  2. Characteristics of a Newborn: Gain knowledge about your newborn's physical features, understanding normal developmental signs and when to seek medical advice.
  3. Infant Nutrition: Navigate the nuances of breastfeeding and formula feeding, addressing both their benefits and challenges for optimal nourishment.
  4. Crying - Understanding Your Baby's Language: Decode your baby’s unique way of communication through their cries, enhancing your bond and understanding.
  5. Bathing and Swaddling: Learn the art of comforting and calming your baby through effective bathing and swaddling techniques.
  6. Safe Sleep Practices - Reducing the Risk of SIDS: Discover crucial strategies to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby, significantly reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Each segment in the Baby Care Basics series is rich with expert advice, practical tips, and empathetic support, ensuring you're well-equipped for this remarkable journey of parenthood.

Empower your parenting with knowledge and confidence. Join us in the Baby Care Basics series and step into this beautiful chapter of life prepared and reassured.