$55.00 USD

Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Class

Step into the world of infant nutrition with confidence through our Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Class, thoughtfully crafted by Dr. Cynthia, the founder of Sleep and Cradle. This essential series is designed to provide new and expectant parents with a thorough, supportive guide to feeding their babies, whether through breast or bottle.

This class covers five in-depth topics:

  1. Nourishing Your Baby: Breastfeeding and Formula Essentials: Explore the fundamentals of both breastfeeding and formula feeding, their advantages, and how to smoothly navigate their challenges.
  2. Optimizing Feeding: Latch, Positions, and Safe Formula Practices: Learn effective breastfeeding positions and latch techniques, and understand the best practices for formula preparation and storage.
  3. Mastering Milk Expression: Pumps, Bottles, and Storage Essentials: Gain insight into the world of breast pumps, from choosing the right pump to understanding the nuances of bottle feeding and maintaining your milk supply.
  4. Balancing Work and Feeding: Strategies for the Working Parent: Equip yourself with strategies for balancing breastfeeding or formula feeding with your professional life, ensuring a seamless transition for both you and your baby.
  5. First Bites: Preparing for Solids: Discover the right time and methods for introducing solid foods, setting the stage for healthy eating habits in your baby's life.

Each module is filled with expert advice, practical demonstrations, and Dr. Cynthia's compassionate guidance, ensuring you feel empowered, informed, and ready to provide the best nutrition for your little one.

Embrace this journey with the knowledge that you are fully supported. Join us in the Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Class, and nurture your baby's growth with confidence and love.